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RCBS® Primer Tube
Safety Reminder

In rare circumstances, primers can become lodged in tubes that are obstructed, damaged or improperly maintained. As called out in the instruction manuals accompanying all RCBS primer tubes, RCBS would like to remind its customers to never force or pound/tap on live primers, tap or pound on loaded primer tubes or otherwise attempt to clear obstructions on your own. Doing so can cause serious injury.

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Reloading can be a safe, effective and enjoyable hobby. Always remember that to become or to continue to be a safe reloader, you must be careful at all times.

WARNING: Failure to use safe and manufacturer-recommended reloading practices and specifications can result in property damage, serious injury and/or death. All information provided on this website should be confirmed with current, published, and tested data from the manufacturers of your reloading equipment and supplies. Always review and follow all manufacturer safety warnings and instructions. Click here to review additional minimum

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